Doing The Groundwork

Rebelle Cunt, the mastermind behind HeauxHistory, docu-series and archival project exploring Black and Brown erotic labour history and the fight for sex workers’ rights. They do incredible Twitter threads on the history of Black and Brown erotic labourers in the US. Pay them for their labour via their GoFundMe or supporting their work monthly via their Patreon starting just at 2$ per month.

Suprihmbé, artist, researcher and writer based in the US who coined the term “proheaux” and does incredible work on bisexuality, femmes and erotic labour centering Black womxn. Support her on her Patreon starting at just 2$ per month. Buy her book on terminology around erotic labour “heauxthots” here, or her poem book “libra season” here.

Elexus Jionde, creator of Intelexual Media, Black history educator, sex historian and erotic laborer who does amazing (public and free to watch) Youtube videos exploring these subject matters. Support her on her Patreon starting at just 1$ per month or via a direct donation. You can also buy her books Angry Black Girl, The A-Z Guide to Black Oppression and Who Said Dat?.

Without the work, research and labour of these three amazing Black womxn, it would’ve never been possible for me to create this project. If you’ve enjoyed this project so far, please give them money. It’s the only way to help ensure they will continue to do the incredible and necessary work they’re been doing. I especially thank Rebelle Cunt for the patience and willingness to work with me on several aspects of this project.

Other interesting people whose work has contributed to this project

Charlotte Fitzgerald, sex-worker whose Twitter thread on the intersection between fashion and sex work got this whole project started.

Maggie McNeill, sex-worker researcher and writer

Whores of Yore, sex-positive research project led by Dr. Kate Lister

Going Medieval, medieval and sex history research project by Dr. Elanor Janega

Bernadette Banner, historical clothing researcher, fashion historian and educator

Morgan Donner, recreationist, seamstress and fashion history educator

Cora Harrington, lingerie expert, educator and owner and founder of The Lingerie Addict

Consider subscribing to their different channels of communication and their Patreons!