son of a gun

Art, illustration, painting, graphic design, video editing, comics… you name it, I’ve done it. And probably, done it well. I would be a renaissance man if I hadn’t been born in this century – or a renaissance nun, perhaps, a la Plautilla Nelli.

who am I?

But it comes to a point under the duress of capitalism where a woman has to make a choice, so I chose to become an artist. Efficiency with style is the name of my game.

Currently found hanging upside down in my room or skating (or trying to skate, anyway) through the parking lots of Canterbury, I hail from Bilbao (capital of the world, but also one of the main gastronomic and art centres of the Basque Country and Spain) but have lived in both Madrid and Barcelona. According to my family, I have what we call “un culo de mal asiento” (a backside that has a hard time staying put) – meaning that I like to move around, a lot. Cosmopolitan (like the cocktail) and metropolitan (like the hotel chain), I love museums almost as much as I love street food or a good Sauvignon Blanc.



It all starts with a sketch – always. I like customizing the experience and delivering a unique outcome for every one of my projects, and every one of my clients. Communicating clearly whilst offering deep, intricate layers of meaning is my speciality. I like to keep my compositions classic, my anatomy academic and my designs full of curves and f

loral patterns. I like putting a victorian spin on almost everything and I’m an absolute sucker for a proper baroque game of lights and shadows in any picture.



Oils and watercolours are my analogical weapons of choice, and I translate their feeling into my digital creations as well. Texture and making the most out of the accidental nature of paint are a very important part of my own process – and I refuse to give that up whenever I’m working away from the paper. My whole approach to creating images is based around the concept of contrast and making the gestalt principles work for me: if your eye is going to complete it for me, I don’t need to paint it. If I let your brain complete the circle, you’re going to have a much more fulfilling experience by looking at the art I create. And I’m all about providing a fulfilling experience to my audience.



underlying foundations & philosophy

You can’t be the eternal student that I am and not have iconography and symbology all over, under and inside your work. I like to deeply research the topics I’m painting, and I’m very interested in feminism, queer theory and BDSM. While I’m not particularly interested in the sex-positive movement, I’m a big advocate for sex-workers’ rights – and not rescue. I create art by a femme for femmes, by a whore for whores, by a Domme for Dommes.

Ready for more?


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